Annual Flowers and Patio Plants




Large blooms with bright pink splashes of dark to light pink make this new Geranium an exciting addition for 2010.

illusion emerald lace sweet potato vine

this deeply dissected leaves in emerald green create exceptional hanging baskets and containers. Mounding grower with very compact, lacy foilage. Emerald Lace is more compact than other Sweet Potato Vines, so it can be used in combinations without overpowering pot mates. Bred to have reduced tuber formation. Grows 8-10" tall and 12" wide.

illusion midnight lace sweet potato vine

This deep, dark foliage with magenta venation is just right to complement a wide variety of flowering plants. Same compact habit and reduced tuber formation as Emerald Lace.

Sweet caroline sweetheart red sweet potato vine

Unique red foliage color. Also bred for reduced tuber formation. Grows 10" tall and 18-24" wide. these Sweet Potato Vines are new introductions from Euro America Proven Winners.

lucia dark blue lobelia

The first in a new series of Lobelia for Proven Winners is absolutely phenomenal! The rich cobalt blue is breathtaking, and is the perfect accent for other colorful plants from whites, yellows. to reds. Lucia is an upright grower, forming mounds of flowers that love the summer heat.

snow princess lobularia

If there's one new plant that should be on everyone's list, it's Snow princess! Heat tolerant, very fragrant, long blooming, and extremely fast growing. Snow Princess is covered in loads of small, white flowers creating large snowballs of blooms. Use in combinations with other fast growers, like Supertunias, or produce a breathtaking cloud of white with containers and baskets of just Snow Princess!


The unique coloration of this Petunia will create a tremendous amount of interest! Pretty Much Picasso shows off with deep violet throat and softer violet petal surrounded by a chartreuse edge. This striking focal point is an exceptionally vigorus grower with strong trailing habit. Another new introduction from Proven Winners.