Lawn Care Program

Your Lawn Care Specialist

Wilke Landscape Center's program was developed for the lawns of this area. The five treatments are designed to work together to feed your lawn and protect it against the most troublesome lawn problems. All products are custom manufactured to our specifications. Only quality, fertilizer is used. Granular and/or liquid weed control is used, depending on weather conditions. Granular or liquid insect control will be used, depending on the targeted insect.

Season-Long Turf Feeding

All treatments contain nitrogen, and potash. The spring application includes a balanced fertilizer that will give the lawn a quick green-up and lush, dark green color. The slow release fertilizer in the summer applications encourage uniform growth and will not burn the turf in hot weather. The late fall application of winterizer prepares the turf for winter survival.

The amount of fertilizer applied is the amount recommended by turf specialists. Amounts above or below this level create a feast or famine condition.

The Lawn Care Program contains iron to give the turf a dark green color. A special micronutrient package is included to help the turf thrive even on the poorest of soils.

Season-Long Weed Control

Season 1 contains an extra-strength treatment of a new, improved pre-emergent weed control. This treatment controls crabgrass, foxtails, oxalis, knotweed, and spurge with one application. Pre-emergent weed control works by forming a barrier on the soil surface. When weed seeds germinate they take up the pre-emergent, and the weed dies before becoming established.

Season 2 includes broadleaf weed killer to control dandelions and many other weeds.

Summer weed controls will be provided as needed at no additional charge. This assures you of weed control throughout the season. Even difficult-to-control weeds like wild violet and nutsedge are included. Many lawn care companies do not provide this service.

Season 4 contains a late-summer treatment of broadleaf weed killer. This treatment eliminates dandelions, clover, chickweed, and many other weeds from your lawn.

Season-Long Insect Control

Season 2 contains a new, environmentally-safe insecticide which is extremely effective for white grub control.

If damaging insect activity is noticed before the Season 2 application, we will treat the pest at no extra charge.

Any recurrence of lawn-damaging insects, in high populations, will be treated at no extra charge.

Additional Services

Core aeration is offered to Lawn Care Program customers at a reduced rate. Core aeration increases water and nutrient intake while reducing disease activity and thatch. This service is offered in late summer and fall. Fungus control is offered to customers at a reduced rate. This service is offered as a two application package. fungus control is strongly recommended for lawns with a history of disease problems.


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